T H E  W I L D   L I L Y   I N S T I T U T E

Weekly Sequential Poem

I give you the gift of poetry . . .

--Emily Isaacson

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       Ode to An Arbutus

Peeling, a leper dressed in red,

the papery bark curls

reveal the olive bed

from which they sprang:

a plethora

of golden contrasts.

A polite green velvet glove

hand clasp,

the sea whispers azure

to the shore,

the wind whimpers

in its roar, along

Arbutus Road while its foam

disperses over the grey sand,

amid seagulls,

wallowing over the land.

Here the driftwood

is as an ancient face—

the bladderwrack is tea-stained lace.

Unmoving, silent, onward,

filtering bright,

the tree climbs toward



– Emily Isaacson, new poetry  (The Geranium) 2023

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