T H E  W I L D   L I L Y   I N S T I T U T E

I found The Blossom Jar very moving. I liked the premise of the work (and was very touched that Shoalwan had inspired you) and your linking this theme with a particular story of homelessness. Using the whole year of seasonal cycles was a great idea, so taking a whole year was necessary for the creation of your project.

--Lyndal Osborne, artist 

The Blossom Jar

A Chapbook by Emily Isaacson

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A story in prose-poetry . . .

Potter's Press $6.99

50 pages Paperback

This chapbook tells the story in verse of Nancy Green, a homeless woman standing in the street. She asked to tell her story. 


The Blossom Jar touches on the fact that even though others may live differently than us; all behaviour makes sense, although we may not condone or understand it. Acceptance and compassion go a long way to understanding someone's story.

--Lexi Richards, director of Community Kitchens in Mission, B.C.


Powerful and deeply beautiful--we need to hear and embrace these wounds and this healing!

--Brian Headley, director of Listening Prayer Community in Mission, B.C.