T H E  W I L D   L I L Y   I N S T I T U T E

Nutrition Philosophy

To harness the earth in all its curative powers is to harness the energy of healing. Nature's medicine chest includes the herbs, enzymes, tinctures, homeopathics and vitamins or minerals that restore electromagnetic balance. Nutritious food is the building blocks of the body, and without it, health fails. The vibrancy and energy of a healthy person is what creates beauty and the enduring qualities we admire.

Restoring the biochemical substances that promote health and wellness means eating right, supplements in appropriate quantities, exercise and rest. Learning to eat and cook with whole foods is a lifetime process that starts you on the road to success. Your nutritionist is both teacher, educator and lifetime learner of the nature and substance of food and nutrition. The higher quality of food you choose, the greater will be your success, as the value is in choosing food that heals and food as medicine.

Your life energy is like a river, and removing the obstacles to your health is our profession. Learn to shape your consciousness to empower your choices, make new habits, find healthier comforts in life, and move you from inability and illness to wellness and healing. We encourage you to begin the journey today towards life, choosing to eat again and again in affirmation of the decision you made to be a living whole person on this fertile planet right at your birth.

Empowered to live, grow, learn, and nourish oneself and others is where health starts. Feeding the planet and the children of tomorrow is begun one kitchen at a time. Nutrition knowledge is imparted over the garden gate. Right where you are, with the knowledge you have and are about to be given, is not too late and not too soon... start today!

Emily Isaacson, B.Sc. Nut, CHC, Licensed Nutritionist