Directed Studies Department

Welcome to our directed studies department!

We welcome students to participate in a directed study with the Wild Lily Institute Literature Department.

Cost: $95.00 per course/month or $120.00 per credit hour.

Students must be enrolled in post-secondary education in a college or university, and work will be done by correspondence (email and mail).

For those taking a directed study with the Wild Lily Institute, the following subjects are available:

A) Children's Literature: study of Little Bird's Song.

B) Postmodern Poetry: study of The Fleur-de-lis (Vol I- III)
(only one language is required, students do not need to speak French.)

C) Study of 25 Sonnets by Isaacson in Victoriana.

D) Study of myth and story in Snowflake Princess.

E) Study of A Familiar Shore

Students are required to buy the applicable book for individual 
studies as text.

Credit may apply for regular college courses (will be determined on a per student basis).

To apply, please write and request an application: