New Releases

Hours From A Convent

Prose-poetry by Emily Isaacson

Third Edition coming soon! 



City of Roses
A novel by Emily Isaacson

Paperback  $24.99
Hardcover $39.99
e-book $4.99


Children's Book

Little Bird's Song  
by Emily Isaacson
Children's Book

Hardcover  $19.99

Buy at House of James in Abbotsford, B.C.



Canada's 150 year Anniversary
Poetry by Emily Isaacson

The Commemorative Edition
130 new poems 

Paperback    $24.99   

The Blossom Jar  50 pages
by Emily Isaacson

Paperback  $6.99

Victoriana   110 pages
by Emily Isaacson

Paperback   $9.99
Hardcover  $25.99
E-book  $3.99

A Familiar Shore
by Emily Isaacson

Paperback  $19.99

House of Rain
Poetry and Sonnets 
by Emily Isaacson

Third Edition
Paperback  $16.99
Hardcover  $29.99

Snowflake Princess
Prose-poetry by Emily Isaacson
Second Edition

Paperback $16.99
Hardcover  $29.99

Prose-poetry by Emily Isaacson  
90 pages 

Paperback $11.99

The Fleur-de-lis
by Emily Isaacson  Vol I-III

Volumes: $27.99  $24.99  $38.99


Art Book

by Emily Isaacson
Second Edition

Paperback    $49.99

Fine Art Photography
from her 2010 gallery exhibit



Emily Isaacson's books are available locally at House of James in the children's section, at Hemmingway's Books and The Bookman (Chilliwack, BC) and Better Buy Books (Mission B.C.)

Emily Isaacson's books are available internationally. They can be ordered on demand through any bookstore through Ingram.

Emily's books are available globally on Amazon.com:  (Look Inside) as well as in other online bookstores. 

Emily Isaacson's publisher is Fresh Wind Press (Little Bird's Song), Potter's House Press, and Dove Publishers (Hallmark). 

To order directly from WLI email us at: publisher@potterspress.net