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             Poem In Your Pocket Winner (2021)

                                 Emily and I 

                             by Pamela Porter


Together in her drafty attic

we write our letters to the world.

Her lamp sputters, the light poor.

In the frame of her window the sun’s last

spreads over Amherst’s houses.

She let me in when I bragged I was nobody

and now sends me downstairs

to scrounge more paper –

envelopes, she insists – envelopes.

I creep down the creaky stairs.

Try to silence the swinging kitchen door.

Everyone’s out but her pipe-smoking father

who won’t spend a penny on paper.

He doesn’t see my hand lift the wooden box

where he tosses the trash.

I sift out all the envelopes.

Take them up to Emily

and our fevered unfolding begins.

How she cringes when I make the tiniest tear.

This part takes time – the careful unhinging,

the smoothing.

She hands me a pen, an ink pot.

We go to work.

What I’ll remember most

is her shadow on the wall –

her hand, and the pen large, swift,

and her hair — not pulled tight,

but down, free — almost, I would say,


from Likely Stories (Ronsdale Press, 2019)

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Emily's Introduction . . .

I have walked through many streets, alleyways, parks, and even been invited in to many homes in my journey, yet the worn sandals and miracle moments only speak of the miles I have walked—not of the people I have met, learned from, and loved; those I have cherished, understood, and relinquished. The brokenness I have watched with an open heart, without judgment—and the lessons I have learned in restorative justice. The application of hope, faith, and promise to those in need of rehabilitation was traded at great cost.

There is a place where we move beyond merely educating people to bringing them the healing hope of reparation. They reach out and ask for answers, yet we must journey with them for many miles before they realize it was this path they wanted on the road to the divine. 

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The Ballad of the Oboe Player

The Fleur-de-lis

What is Emily Isaacson's claim to fame?


She was chosen to write the sacred manuscript of The Fleur-de-lis to commemorate the marriage of Prince William to Kate Middleton in 2011.  


This historical book of Canadiana literature contained over 800 poems in English and French and was published in three volumes. 


Not only that,  it was her first real publication of her work, and took her over 5 years to complete. She claims this divine invitation was given to her by God and that it is a prophetic and anointed work.  


Read more about this amazing book . . .  

Quote . . .

  "But she lives; for great poets do not die; they are continuing presences; 

   they need only the opportunity to walk among us in the flesh."  

                  -- Virginia Woolf, A Room of One's Own 

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Emily's Complete Works

What is length of the complete works?

Isaacson's complete works includes over 1550 poems in chronological order, ranging from age 13 to her most recent unpublished works. The book is at present approximately 1,000 pages.

We are taking offers from publishers at this time, although the book publication may go to the highest bidder.

Poetry from ages past. . . 


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The Wild Lily Institute

The philosophy of the Wild Lily is kindness.

Be kind to those who love you.

Be kind to those who don't understand you. . .  

Photographer and Poet

Photograph Hayward Lake by Emily Isaacson

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What of the very dust of the earth when it is brittle and dry?

Could we not repent and our tears soak from

the sky, making wells in the desert.

--Emily Isaacson, A Familiar Shore

Own the Poetry Yourself


by Emily Isaacson  

She predicted how to survive the recession,

on your creativity, colour, and romance . . .

Released in 2017!

What is a Wild Lily?

Emily Carr wrote in her books about the fields of wild lilies in early British Columbia. If you are wondering what a wild lily is, well it refers in this case to any earth-bound lily in contrast to the gilded lily or fleur-de-lis.

Poetry Quote​

Butterfly Tears

I once said I love you

and that love remains;

constant through years,

the blood in my veins.

I never will leave you,

be I poor or of wealth,

as the sun crosses the sky,

without guile, without stealth.

And though the ashes remain of our years,

they are sacred because of our butterfly tears.

--Emily Isaacson


Isaacson's Hourglass 

Isaacson's Hourglass poetry

of the United Kingdom,

is emblazoned with its symbols,

character and resonance.

Written by Emily Isaacson,

it is poetry from her book


Isaacson's Hourglass details the

poetry of a waning empire,

on the verge of transformation.

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Toward the replanting of a land—

once deserted, cold, and barren, still;

now citrus, and the olive, myrtle stand,

our pride in the distance, through the hills

spilling fine perfume and virgin oil.

Early songs still rise from temple mount

amid the prayers, centuries old toil.

--Emily Isaacson, The Replanting

House of Rain

         And a highway will be there;

it will be called the Way of Holiness;

it will be for those who walk on that Way.


Isaiah  35:8  (NIV)