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From a Life of Love 

to a Life of Miracles . . .

Picture of the Christ—A recollection of a true story

The two aunts had taken Eleanor to the park one afternoon in her wheelchair. Legs supported by braces, she was unable to walk. The aunts shook their heads—it was only too tragic. The automobile sped along; the city of Victoria was a luxurious scape before them, like a stonewalled garden they had just discovered.

Upon reaching Beacon Hill Park, the little girl was wheeled to the swings, where she watched the other children. Longing to join them, she pleaded with the two old aunts to remove her leg braces. Sniffing, they finally consented as if she had pleaded with them for a white rose, and her voice, a lark—her song traipsed over her feet in the grass as she joined the children, unhindered.

Taking her picture alone in front of the lilac bush without the braces, they could only frown on her former suffering, her winces at seclusion in a chair. The picture turned out, it was black and white, but it held only a man’s face upon the receiving instead of Eleanor’s. It was a picture of the Christ. Eleanor walked straight now, and the miracle of it all was somewhat like whispers under the moonlight.


This story was told to Emily when she was nine by a church parishioner, when she saw for herself the black and white photograph of Christ's face. She has changed the names in the story, but the details are the same.


                                                Photograph of Heritage Park by Emily Isaacson

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Poetry Quote​

Butterfly Tears

I once said I love you

and that love remains;

constant through years,

the blood in my veins.

I never will leave you,

be I poor or of wealth,

as the sun crosses the sky,

without guile, without stealth.

And though the ashes remain of our years,

they are sacred because of our butterfly tears.

--Emily Isaacson


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on the verge of transformation.

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Toward the replanting of a land—

once deserted, cold, and barren, still;

now citrus, and the olive, myrtle stand,

our pride in the distance, through the hills

spilling fine perfume and virgin oil.

Early songs still rise from temple mount

amid the prayers, centuries old toil.

--Emily Isaacson, The Replanting

House of Rain