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What wonders of love, breaking on the spiels of time. How it came to be that I was the architect of the human race, a strong and stately woman of virtue, was a story of its own. For when the deep rang out, I answered my doorbell.

Emily Isaacson, A Familiar Shore

Emily Isaacson is poet and author living in the Fraser Valley of British Columbia. 

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I will start on my journey into the divine;
there are friends in this neck of the woods
who are not afraid 
of the dark,
but hang out the moon 
each night.

   Emily Isaacson


The Unicorn Tapestry Series:


The children gazed upward,
as the water of the ocean
sucked onto the sand,
then drew back
with foamy whispers.
They murmured among
themselves, while
piling the sand into turrets.
But the sea would come
when they had left
and wipe the slate of sand clean.

Emily Isaacson, A Familiar Shore

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"When we are fearful, we have forgotten our destiny."
Emily Isaacson