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In the dark, a little girl in a cotton shawl
struck a match to keep warm. 
It illumined the stone structure
of the Peace Tower she leaned against,
the gargoyles against the night sky. 
Gothic architecture
reaching almost to heaven
stretched its lacy fingers, 
blotting the stars with its handkerchief— 
its rhetorical icons 
simmering prayers in the shadows. 

There was a patchwork quilt
of nations, that had grown faded
with the rain and snow,
of the many colours of skin
that made up the face of a country, 
of the many films from the National Film Board. 

A match box was ten cents; 
a passerby gave her a dime
as she stood in the gutter, 
and she collected them in her apron.

--The Little Match Girl by Emily Isaacson
   from Hallmark: Canada's 150 Year Anniversary

Author Emily Isaacson is the director of the Wild Lily Institute.

We are located in the Fraser Valley of British Columbia.

            Photo credit Shaylin Thulin

After a decade as the EII, we have re-branded and have officially changed the name of the Institute. 

The Wild Lily Institute

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                                Although poetry is unlike desert, 
                                and prose is like the main course, 
                                dive into some poetry this month 
                                and taste its sweetness.

The Blossom Jar 
by Emily Isaacson

This chapbook is prose-poetry by Emily Isaacson. It is the story in postmodern poetry of Nancy Green.  

by Emily Isaacson  

The year patriotism reigned. . .

New Release!



Poetry Quote

Butterfly Tears

I once said I love you
and that love remains;
constant through years,
the blood in my veins.

I never will leave you,
be I poor or of wealth,
as the sun crosses the sky,
without guile, without stealth.

And though the ashes remain of our years,
they are sacred because of our butterfly tears.

Emily Isaacson, Victoriana


Isaacson's Hourglass 

Isaacson's Hourglass poetry 
of the United Kingdom,
is emblazoned with its symbols, 
character and resonance.
Written by Emily Isaacson, 
it is poetry from her book
Isaacson's Hourglass details the 
poetry of a waning empire,
on the verge of transformation.



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